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Nimbufy for Oxygen – Bring any webpage layout into Oxygen builder for WordPress and start customising in no time. Stop wasting time trying to do it the ‘right way’. Use Nimbufy with Oxygen builder. Watch demonstration videos

OxyElements – Templates and more

Oxy Kurs clonen: https://permaslug.com/

A review, together with some opinion and thoughts.

As a person with basic development skills, and a good knowledge of HTML and CSS – I saw Oxygen and purchased it almost immediately. I did try other web page builders before and felt like I was wasting my time which could be spent learning development instead. Reason is: themes do nothing, while page builders do too much.

I found out that normal page builders tend to take the entire process into their hands and tell me what I need. It also kills any chance for me to develop something on my own (although the fact that Oxygen completely erases the entire theme is not so good, but I understand the concept).
At the same time, using no page builders and relying on a theme while needing to add something and tweak something takes so much time – you might as well learn and develop your own theme from scratch. I am heavily dependent on the theme and tweaking things are an entire process on their own.

Oxygen does a great combination of both, and is right in between: while it can do the job for me visually, it also gives me more flexibility than any other builder to add and make use of my development skills. I also like the complete control over CSS (I recently found out I can even edit and remove existing CSS classes and add my own, although this requires some time). The code seems cleaner, Oxygen is still visible but not as visible as say Elementor – which has it’s own code all over my website.

There aren’t enough pre-made themes, sure. But to me it actually proved to be more of a benefit – I am left to starting from scratch and actually using my creativity and design / development skills. From what I saw, starting with an existing theme kills the creativity, but also makes you feel that the job is done for you and you cannot do it better. So all themes ended up looking the same. I now use sections and basic items, and rely less and less on theme components like atomic, meaning that the website I create will actually be more of my own creation rather than a makeover of an existing theme. So far, because of this, I was able to create more websites which differ from each other as I reduce my relying on themes. This is not to say that we do not need more templates available – some people do not have time for the above, but more of a comment of my thoughts of how I made use of it’s limited theme options.

So far, I am happy with the purchase and do not expect to return the product and ask for a refund. I found it to be a great product for people who feel like they do not have time to develop a theme on their own, but do not want the page builder to do the entire job for them. Of course, the licensing is great as well and is a deal breaker in this case.

Keep up the good work.

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